BEST Crypto Portfolio EVER (Become a MILLIONAIRE!)

We received a lot of great feedback on our video yesterday revealing our current portfolio, but here's, the truth, a portfolio didn't always look like that. In fact, at one point i owned absolutely zero altcoinscurrency shocking, but now, as i & # 39, ve told you guys a lot of times.

One of the best ways to build a massive portfolio is get involved in the industry, which has contributed to my success in portfolio growth, but even with all the success we've had here on the channel without proper management and portfolio balancing, we could Have never gotten to a deca millionaire portfolio.

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com by bit in order to sign up and get the details in today's. Video we're, going to be taking a look at how you can set up your portfolio for success. We had a lot of comments yesterday from people looking to beef up their portfolios, as mentioned, my portfolio probably has too many coins in it.

As is, but if you got between 10k and 50k and altcoins, you're, definitely going to want a smaller allocation per coin. In your portfolio, we're, going to be using a baseline of 50 000 for this portfolio example.

Now, if you don & # 39, t have that much wealth that's. Okay, you can scale down this portfolio or scale it up based on your financial situation. So let's, discuss how you should be setting up your portfolio.

First and foremost, you'll want bitcoin in your portfolio when you listen to michael saylor and elon musk discussing bitcoin and how much they own. We should give you guys some signs and clues that bitcoin is here to stay.

While we look at a lot of speculative coins out there and we love them. The fact is you're going to want to own bitcoin. There will come a time when it is nearly impossible to own it without paying through the nose.

The other advantage of owning bitcoin is the volatility to the downside is not nearly the same as other projects. On average, bitcoin drops 85 percent in its bear market, which i recognize is pretty crazy, but the fact is, all coins drop 97 percent.

If you're newer to this space, you got to buckle in. If you can't handle bitcoin at 15 000 again, you may not be cut out for this, but bitcoin can boast something that no other asset, that's ever been around for 10 plus years can is of two weeks ago, when Bitcoin hit 62k literally.

Anyone who had ever purchased bitcoin as an investment and did not sell was in profit. You can't. Think of the individual price swings remember when in doubt zoom out the longer you look at the time frames in bitcoin.

The more you realize it is a long-term investment that cannot lose now. Look i can't, give you financial advice, but based on that evidence alone, in my opinion, bitcoin is an incredible investment opportunity.

Some people call it the same type of investment opportunity as investing in manhattan real estate in the 1800s. The point is, you need bitcoin in your portfolio, so the first thing you need to understand is holding about 25 of your portfolio in bitcoin is a must in our 50 000 portfolio that equals 12 500 in bitcoin.

Once you get past that you need to be focusing on getting another 25 of your portfolio into the top 10 or so coins. Now, as seen in my portfolio, we love smart contract platforms, so for me owning ethereum, cardano and polka dot are a necessity.

So let's, split that up into smaller pieces, let's, put 5k into the top smart contract platform, ethereum 4k into cardano and 3500 into polka dot. I believe the smart contract platforms are the future of the decentralized internet, and these are the top three horses that i feel like betting on.

I think they will end up owning the majority of this market, but you have to understand that sometimes you have to invest in trends and we will do that in this portfolio as well. But some of our portfolio has to be allocated to the future things that you feel very confident in that will be around 10 years.

From now tomorrow, i'm, going to be discussing my in-game altcoin strategy, which will clear up the mindset you guys should have in regards to altcoins, but back to today's. Video in this portfolio, we've, already got 50 of our portfolio allocated.

We're, going to split the remaining amount 25k down to five sections of ten percent each. The first ten percent will be allocated to other coins in the top 25.. This gives us room to pick some big winners that have stability but also fierce upside.

I'm, going to pick two of my favorite coins here. Chain, link and v-chain chain link is the leader of the oracle space and v-chain is the leader of the supply chain tracking space i won't, be picking any other coins for in this portfolio in those categories, so it makes sense to pick those Here now i could have also gone with theta here, but it seems maybe to be at the peak of its pump.

But who recognizes so? Let's, allocate 3k to chain link and 2k to v chain for the next 10 percent. We want to definitely have a position in d5 is the future of wealth, and these can be considered long term plays.

If you watch my portfolio video yesterday, you recognize what i believe in so here. Let's. Do 2k in ave and 3k in synthetics ave is pumped a little harder than snx, so it may have more room to grow, which is why we split a little more wealth into that one.

Next, we definitely want exposure to the nft market while the cards are and digital collectibles themselves may be already in some type of bubble. I certainly do not believe that the altcoinscurrencies and blockchains themselves - aren't a bubble yet so we want big exposure here.

Now i've, been telling you guys for a week. Eternity is the next massive pumper. In my opinion, big names behind it and an incredible platform coming out very soon, so we also need to pick up some diversity here as well.

Now, as much as i love, omi or ecome, i'm, going to go ahead and ride with ern and chili's. Here, chili's could be the leader in the entire space, so i definitely want to get some exposure. We're betting, big on earn by putting 4k and 1k into chili's.

To make sure we have exposure to the top asset now the next 10, let's bet on more smart contract platforms, while ada ethan dodd are already in this category. We believe there is more room for speculative projects here.

We want to pick some up and coming competitive platforms. We're going to buy this three ways. We're, going to pick elrond or e-gold, which i believe is about to start another round of pumping by putting in two thousand dollars there and then two other platforms.

I love cosmos and solana, big up and coming projects. We're, going to put 1500 each into those two, so for the last 10 percent. We want to pick some smaller cap projects that have very high potential.

Now you have to remember for these. They are super speculative, but we want ones that have extra high potential, while back we told you about the high potential of apy, finance and frontier. These are big winners down the road for sure we could have easily picked up some of our partners here.

Yfdi firm network, cartesi, hyper and others, but to be fair to all of our partners and projects that we advise. We're, going to go with frontier in apy finance because we have no affiliation with them at all.

We will put 2500 each into those which rounds out our 50 000 portfolio. As you see it's quite balanced and covers a lot of different areas, but remember there will definitely be times when you want to move out of some projects in favor of others.

For instance, 2019 exchange coins were hot. They were really big, like finance coin. Now, recently, b b has come back around in a big way, but for almost two years it was not a great coin. To get gains with the same thing may happen within fts.

They could go out of the spotlight and another niche may rise to prominence and you could move the nft gains to somewhere else. Most likely, though this portfolio will grow greatly over the remainder of this year.

You can either keep the alignment the same and count the wealth or you could take profits and gains from these holdings and move to diversify in other projects. You could diversify this portfolio, maybe by adding another five to ten coins over the year.

Writing what was hot and dropping things that may lag or top out having a altcoins portfolio is a dynamic activity. My portfolio will look much differently in six months from now, and i can't wait to show it again, but let me recognize what you think about this portfolio.

Is this something you will try to imitate? Let us recognize down below in the comments that's. All i got be blessed: [, Music ], you