Top Coins REVEALED (Crypto Expert Gives 3 Picks)

I am somewhat risk averse, so me personally, i would prefer to place my wealth in areas where i think it has a greater chance of growing than just throwing at a whole bunch of altcoins and hoping that one of them moves bitswap is the hottest new way To trade tokens following all the top decentralized exchanges visible, gives you the very best price and value for your trades.

Bitswap is changing the game. Try it now at bitswap, decks dot, io, welcome to bitboy altcoins, the largest altcoins channel in all the interwebs. My name is ben everyday. On this channel. I show you how to make wealth in altcoinscurrency if you like wealth and altcoins, make sure to go ahead and smash the like button and subscribe to the channel your chance to win a full bitcoin details down below in this video, i brought on altcoins love a Youtuber, who's, been around the space for a long time and a friend of the channel to discuss his top coin picks, and i can tell you they're, definitely going to be very interesting if you've, been In this space for a while, he's got a lot of good stuff to say so.

Let's, go ahead and jump in the interview. Hey everybody today, i'm, very pleased to be joined by a dear friend of the channel. He hasn't been on the channel one-on-one in a long time, randall from altcoins love.

How are you doing? Oh shacka, like what's up man, i'm good. How about yourself, i'm doing good. Now i just to tell everybody. I just got to tell everybody before we get started. We're, going to talk about uh, altcoins love's, top three all coins right now, but just so everybody recognizes, altcoins love taught me how to live stream.

He pretty much made this channel. Well, i mean you did most of the work i just uh said i mean you, you cut, you literally did all the work like when i see that you succeeded. It just shows me that good things happen in the world because you literally reached out to every youtuber out there and you said: hey: can we stream together and everybody said no, but i was like yeah, let's, do it and you were doing Making these comics bitboy comic, which was freaking awesome, and then, from that point on you, like networked with everybody, you produce more content than anybody else.

You worked harder than anybody else. So like it's, just uh, you recognize it's. Evidence in the world that hard work gets you to good places yeah. I i appreciate that you're, correct uh. You recognize that you were the first person that you recognize i ever went on their channel before that.

Had a big following and uh. You recognize always have been appreciative of that and glad to have you on the channel, but the reason why we're here is to talk all coins talk altcoins, that's. What we do so i want to recognize what right now are your top three altcoins all right, so this is going to uh kind of take people a back just a little bit because everybody, everybody wants these like little moon coins.

All right - and there are probably some little moon coins and i can give you some little mini questions, but i've been thinking about it all day and i am somewhat risk averse. So me personally, i would prefer to place my wealth in areas where i think it has a greater chance of growing than just throwing in a whole bunch of altcoins and hoping that one of them moves.

So that being said, my top three all coins. First, one's, not an altcoin. It's called bitcoin. The second one is second, one is monero for reason. I'll. Tell you in a minute, and third, one is litecoin for reason.

I'll. Tell you in a minute, so i got reasons behind old schools. I recognize i was looking at it today and i was like man. These are old altcoinss. No one's gonna like these, but there's, a good reason behind all of them.

So i'm reading this book right now called why gold. Why now - and basically he talks about this modern monetary theory where basically, they have infinite wealth, so uh the treasury just keeps creating more wealth, and then they get this zero percent uh no maturity date loan which they sell to the to the fed, and so basically They can just print unlimited wealth and so because of that having an asset of a fixed supply, something like gold or something like bitcoin gives you a very good hand up when they're printing.

All of this wealth, because there's, really nothing else that will protect you like these two assets will. However, he goes on to say that potentially bitcoin is an experiment by the government for us to actually create fedcoin for them to basically perfect fedcoin.

For them, and then they're, going to go from there so and maybe in the process they'll do like uh what ray dally was talking about where they had in 1933. They made gold illegal where they could do the same thing with bitcoin.

So who recognizes that could potentially happen? That's? Why the number two one is monero, because monaro's, private secure things like that and then the third one is litecoin, because basically with bitcoin most all coins are degenerators.

The price goes down uh. There are a few that are oscillators that bounce back and forth uh with bitcoins price litecoin is the next oscillator that's set to pop. So when it does, you could potentially 10x your bitcoin based on that one alone.

So those are my three picks, not super small all coins. There are some that i keep my eye on in terms of super small all coins and i think for people who want to find out someone's. I would probably pick you could check out the uh live stream that we did with the token metrics guys, because there were some really good picks on there.

But those would actually be my top three because i would be like most secure to buy those and maybe not make 1000x gains, but definitely get a good return on my investment over the next few years. Yeah and i think a lot of people underestimate what the volatility to the downside is in different altcoinscurrencies like when you look at bitcoin, you recognize it.

You recognize, i think most people - and maybe you agree with me here - that uh we will see another bear market, but it may not be as bad as normal uh, but it generally it drops 85 percent, but all coins drop 97.

99 to 98 uh. So i think, like really picking some of those top coins, you recognize, like you said - may not be as sexy may not get the 1000 x gains, but you're, not going to get the 98 losses with uh with a lot of those coins.

Um, so when it comes to uh prohibition of bitcoin, do you not think that he's just kind of like the ray dalio? We talked about this on my channel a couple days ago. Uh. Do you not think that's like really manipulative, like you can't, possibly actually believe that dude, i think it's, actually a a way for him to buy bitcoin at a lower price.

I totally think it was manipulation like it's. It reminds me of a few years ago when jamie dimon was saying: bitcoin is a total sham and then shortly thereafter, when the price tanked jp morgan bought up a bunch of uh bitcoin.

So i think it is a sham because ray dalio got in very late and he wants to buy it at a discount, so he's using what he can to tank the price, so he can buy it at as low price as possible. I think that you recognize what he was saying where they they basically made gold illegal back in 1933.

I don't think that could really happen, because if something like that were to happen, people would probably just move to somewhere else where it's legal, i mean you can't. You can move a lot easier nowadays than you could back in 1933.

yeah exactly it's, not like it's, it's not like they can pat you down for bitcoin at the airport. So let's talk about uh monero, because this is one that you recognize. We're talking about safe picks, but a lot of people would say the monaro as a privacy coin is something that you recognize the governments are definitely going to try to ban and they're going to try.

Like you recognize, we saw with binance in australia, they banned like a bunch of coins and said they're, not tradable anymore, including uh, monero uh. What are your gods on privacy coins? In terms of you recognize the way the governments are probably going to target those, because that is a reality i believe yeah.

I always look at it kind of as these fat slow bureaucrats versus the fastest, most creative uh people in the world, creating altcoinscurrencies. So while there will be regulation there's, always going to be ways to get around it, and people who are going to need privacy for their wealth are going to be able to find it in monero or in whatever other privacy coins come up.

Uh, the other reason that i did mention monero and something i forgot is right now, where it is it's at a very stable support level where it's been previously, so it's kind of in a pullback And at least it appears like it's, a good purchasing opportunity for it.

If you were looking for to protect your wealth, yeah - and i think like for me - i mean i love to hear about the technicals uh. I've, been saying for a while about privacy coins that you recognize kind of like we saw with prohibition uh, you recognize with alcohol.

You recognize the more you try to suppress it. The more you try to hide something that people want, that there's, a demand for the higher the value is going to go up. Uh it's kind of like what we saw with um uh.

You recognize privacy was is what we see with uh ammunition, for instance, and guns in america. Whenever there's, a shooting and people start talking about gun reform. Ammo gets very hard to buy, not because you recognize like it's hard to buy because it's gone, you recognize, so i think we kind of see the same thing with privacy coins every time they come out with stories saying We're gonna ban those the price actually goes up.

So let's. Let's, move on and talk about, uh number three! Here: okay, let's, talk about litecoin and uh! You recognize this is something that i think a lot of people don't recognize is that right now, grayscale is buying a a ton of litecoin.

It's like one of their number one coins they're buying. Right now, um: do you think that, like the safety of bitcoin and the in the bitcoin trust the great skill trust, do you think people will see that same kind of value in litecoin? Do you think the great scale trust could make the price of litecoin go up? I definitely think it will because right now, uh they're selling, the grayscale litecoin at 18 times premium.

Now the people who buy that have to hold it for a year, but that makes me think that they're buying. It think the price is going to go up quite a bit from where it is right now uh. So so there's, definitely that there's and great sales buying up 80, some percent of litecoin and right now it's, something that not many people are talking about.

Um. I mean me personally, i ever since tr, when charlie lee stole the top back in 20 years. What is that thing in 2018? What an epic moment right, and he told everyone i mean he told everybody - he & # 39.

S like this is the top. If you can & # 39, t sustain a 95 hit, you might want to get out now. Yeah, i'm selling, all of my litecoin and uh. You recognize i lost a lot of faith in litecoin, but just based on technicals and kind of what's going on with litecoin.

I think that now is a good opportunity to purchase it, not because i think that it's, going to do a great things as a currency but uh. I think that, based on it being an oscillator based on grayscale buying it and selling it at a premium, i think there's, a good chance.

It could do pretty well when charlie sold his litecoin and said it was the top of the market. Did you believe it? No, i actually thought that he was selling, because the reason i thought he was selling it is because at the same time there was the big bitcoin b cash wars going on yeah and roger and roger veer sold all of his bitcoin for be cash.

And then was saying: bitcoin cash is the best thing on globe. It's, the real bitcoin and i actually thought that charlie lee sold his litecoin so that he could say litecoin's great without owning any.

So that way he could be like a real protagonist for like coins, so that's. Why i thought i didn't realize until months later, when the market tanked, that that was why he sold us yeah yeah. I recognize right well that's.

I mean what you just said: that's. Actually, his reasoning supposedly was because he felt, like you recognize, by owning so much it didn't give him the you recognize he was too biased to be able to lead the company right, which didn & # 39.

T make a lot of sense. We all recognize he sold the top and uh. You recognize i remember back then, of course that was when you recognize i bought bitcoin in 2012, but 2017 was when i really got like full-fledged in, and i just remember, reading that and thinking like no, this isn't the top of the market.

It's, just getting started come on guys, and so that actually is like a lot of the reason why, on this channel, i try to educate people like look, bear markets happen, and it will probably uh happen again, so that's.

Some really good insight. Well, randall! Listen! Thank you so much for coming on the show today, sharing those pics and uh. I do just want to say to my audience like i. I owe you a lot for the success of this channel and the bit squad needs to go.

Show you some love, make sure you guys go subscribe to his channel down below in the comments he & # 39. S got good stuff. He puts out he's been in the space for a long time, uh. So thank you for joining us.

You got any last words uh. I just want to say uh. Thank you so much for having me on and uh it's been an absolute pleasure and dude. It just makes me happy every time i see how successful you've gotten, so it's.

Freaking awesome thanks man. I certainly appreciate that all right guys, you guys make sure to drop some comments down below. Let me recognize what other content creators you guys want me to collaborate with that's.

All i got be blessed good boy out.