WORST Case Scenario for ETH (Should You Sell Your Ethereum for Cardano?)

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Two things uh first quickly. I want to touch on bitcoin the trade i made yesterday and what i'm looking for today, along with a warning, and then i want to kind of get into ethereum, because i'm, giving ethereum an ultimatum today, uh on behalf Of the bit squad, so a lot of bearish stuff going on with ethereum a lot of people are scared.

Personally, i'm, not, but i understand why everybody is okay, so first let's. Talk about the cme gap, just a refresher on the cme gap, chicago mercantile exchange, uh, it closes on fridays and i think it's, 5 30 central standard time, and then it reopens 4 30 central standard time on sundays, meaning that the price of Bitcoin does not move over the weekend for the cme, so sometimes that creates a gap right now.

There is a cme gap uh in the 53. Thousands uh, i think it's. 53. 800. I don't. Have it sitting here right in front of me, but i want to give you guys a little warning about that and how i'm trying to play it uh yesterday i saw it was waiting for a dip into the 53s.

While i lied, i went in at 53 54 100 and i made a massive trade. I made almost a full bitcoin on the trade. We are now up on our 100k to million dollar challenge on by bit. If you want to sign up for buy bit, billyaltcoins.

com 5bit for the trading, competition or biblialtcoins.com deals just to uh sign up for by bit or get the market cipher indicator uh right now i'm sitting at about 150 000 for the challenge uh. We were up to 135 000 last week and uh.

Then we lost all our wealth, so we went all the way down to 40 000 and now we're back up to almost 150 k, so i made a really good trade on that yesterday. I sold, i think it uh 55 900, somewhere there abouts okay.

So the point is that was my trade yesterday. What am i looking to do today? Nothing unless i see something absolutely phenomenal on the charts i'm, going to be staying out of training today, while i wait to see the cme gap get filled.

The last two times we've had a cme gap on a sunday. They got filled on sunday night now, the first one we set a a a pretty good order up and uh we, it went down, touched our order and came back up, and we were up a lot uh in the morning.

Uh also guys don't forget to smash the like button for us. If you guys, like these sunday, drive videos where i drive to church - and i uh tell you guys how to be blessed with altcoinscurrency uh, but the the fact is the second time it plunged way past the gap and uh when that happened, everybody got wrecked and Then everybody blamed me because you acknowledge i'm the popular person to blame for everything and that's.

Okay, uh! I don't mind taking the arrows, but the fact is, is you got to be careful? You got to have those orders set, but you also need to have a stop loss in case it gets filled overnight and plunges down below.

I think the risk versus reward there. The reward is higher because usually it does tend to just go down and fill the gap and bounce back up. But the important thing to remember is the last two times it got filled on sunday night so immediately we have pretty much no time uh and i think that could be what's weighing down bitcoin right now, uh.

I do think this is going to be a bullish week for bitcoin, but who acknowledges, i thought last week would be two uh, so that's. What's going on with bitcoin and that's? What i'm looking to do with some trades, but here is the thing with aetherium: there is an article going on uh out there right now, which is i i don't acknowledge how to say it other than it it's really just fud on its ear there's.

Really two different articles going out. One is saying that uh eip 1559 will not work, which is really crazy, that, like nobody, was thinking it wasn't gonna work when they were voting for it and when everybody was talking about it and the miners were warring on it.

And now everybody's, saying it's, not gonna work. What changed? Literally, nothing literally, nothing changed. Eip 1559 supposed to fix the gas issues and the scalability issues. Uh and look i love cardano, you guys acknowledge i love cardano.

I'm, going to talk about cardona at the very end of this video uh, but it's. The cardano people that are putting out these stories. I don't acknowledge if you guys acknowledge cardano's. Community wants to destroy ethereum for sure you don't, see this from polka dot.

You don't, see it from finance you real or binance smart chain. You're, really seeing this from cardano. Specifically so. Shame on you card on our community for uh battering eve i had about a hundred cardano people send me uh these articles over the weekend, and you acknowledge it's.

Just one of these things, like you're, hoping for the downfall of something else and - and i can't get into that. I personally i want all the coins to do well, i'm. Not in a cult like i, don't do cults, so i love ethereum.

I love cardano. I love fighting smart chain. I love polka dot. Uh, i love card. I love cardano and ethereum the most for sure, but shame on you cardano community, for trying to bring down the people that uh you acknowledge are invested in eth.

I think that's, a really bad look, so that's. What i'll say on that, but the fact is, nothing has changed between now and when eip 1559 was proposed. This is all just flood saying this isn't going to work.

Will it work? We don't acknowledge? We won't acknowledge until we see it, but to sit here and and say from a bunch of uh, ethereum tweet or a bunch of cardano tweeters that it's not going to work like you got vested interest for it not To work, so i'm, going to hear that the second story is also tremendous fun.

The second story is that uh professional traders are selling their ethereum and they were selling it in the middle of last week before the options expired like. What do you, what do you people are so dumb like? What do you think you think the professional ethereum traders that they literally are sitting there uh, you acknowledge waiting for the 4p at 4, 30 p.

m, close uh or 5 30 p.m. Central standard time close to to close their ethereum trades. Oh you bake it in you sell it as it goes. If you're worried about it uh, but this is just more fun and what it really reminds me of is a lot of the stuff we see around bitcoin where people you acknowledge uh right before we get gigantic pumps.

People try to push the price down; they try to get people to sell. It is what it is. So both of these big articles are going on around right now. They are totally idiotic in any youtuber that you see or any person on twitter that you see, that is giving a specific narrative based around these two ridiculous articles either number one they have a fundamental misunderstanding of the market.

You need to be careful or number two. They have vested interest to see ethereum drop so that's. What i'll say on that um all. That being said, let me tell you where i stand with ethereum right now. You guys acknowledge you saw our portfolio uh.

We have about a thousand ethereum that we will never sell that. This is just what we have and it doesn't matter where the price is going. You guys acknowledge we trade bitcoin on by bit. We don't really trade, uh, ethereum uh, but bitcoin is easier to trade and the last uh, not last time, but the time before the cme gap.

We absolutely crushed it. So if you want to do that with my bit, i gave you the links. You guys acknowledge what the links are um, but what i'll say is this: is i cannot with a good uh? A good conscience sit here week after week after week, explaining to you how great ethereum is and that the price is going to bounce back, and this is all just like, like i can't with a good conscience, continue to do that when the Ethereum price, for whatever reason, whether it's, the miners, in the background, sabotaging things which f2 we do acknowledge is dumping eth, whether it is uh the you acknowledge, traders in d5 that are wanting to keep the gas fees low, whether it's, the institutional investors, whatever it is, i i don't acknowledge what it is.

I think i acknowledge it's. Combination of all those all three of those things, but it's, not the type of thing um that or or it is the type of thing excuse me that at this point we just can't continue to ignore it like we Just can't continue to say: ethereum is just going to bounce back.

We're, looking at other projects that are doing really well like cardano, like binance smart chain like solana, we're looking at these other projects, regardless of why the ethereum price is lagging, it is lagging and, and there'S no, there's, no two ways about that.

Is it similar to what we saw with bitcoin in 2017 when it came to the cme uh futures that launched? Maybe, but at this point it doesn't, really matter. Why? What is mattering to me is that people in this community are invested in ethereum and the price is not really moving it's.

Staying stuck between about 1700 and 1900, it won't move. We have other projects starting to do laps around it, so here is my ultimatum to to ethereum holders if the price of ethereum does not rise above 2300 to 2500.

Between now and the end of april, i'm, going to suggest to ethereum holders that they they sell in lieu of something else, and obviously as much as i don't like that bad look for the cardano community trying to destroy.

I think that's, just freaking terrible ethics and morals, but uh. The fact is is, i would suggest, moving it over to cardano moving it over to polka dot uh, because at this point, ethereum kind of can't get out of its own way and if it's going to be the kind Of thing where we're watching other projects really move and ethereum hasn't moved for virtually two months uh.

Then it's. Gon na be time for you guys to start looking at other projects and uh, really considering whether or not you acknowledge you should be moving your ethereum, i'm, not moving. My ethereum i've told you guys.

I'm, not moving my etherium. We will not be moving our ethereum, but i will not be mad if you do - and i'm, going to start suggesting to my friends and my family, who are invested in altcoinscurrency, that it could be time to start diversifying their ethereum holdings.

I'm, not doing it now, but, and i do want to make the pretense of as long as april is a good month for altcoins as long as april in general ends up in the green. If ethereum is stuck around the same point, it's.

Gon na be time to start looking at other options, um, whether it's, manipulation or not. The fact is, other projects are not having the same kind of problems. That ethereum is having so that that's. What i will say on that we're gonna monitor the close uh the week uh or the month.

When it comes to ethereum. I do believe it's. A lot of manipulation, i think this could be the final manipulative act that we're, seeing with these articles from the russian mafia and coin telegraph uh in other.

You acknowledge, people that have vested interest to push down the price of ethereum. We are seeing that i feel like this is their last gasp. I think the etherium price is going to break out this month, but if it doesn't, it is time to start considering.

Are you getting left behind because you're? Staying in a lagging project - and so it hurts me to say that uh, but we're, not gon. Na get to the end of this bull run and uh. You acknowledge i've. I've, convinced you for an extra six months to stay in ethereum and the price doesn't move so at some point, uh it's, time to uh, shape up or ship out.

All right guys drop your comments down below. Let me acknowledge what you think about uh about this video about aetherium about the cme gap. Would love to hear your thoughts that's. All i got be blessed way out.